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Professor James Ladyman: Does Science Tell the Truth?

Monday, 1 June 2020 from 19:30-21:00

Online Zoom session

Does Science Tell the Truth? – Reliability, Science and Truth

With Prof James Ladyman

Science tells the truth, but not always the whole truth or nothing but the truth. What more can we say about how and when science is a reliable source of belief?

Humanism is rooted in science and rationality and was borne out of the enlightenment….but does science always tell the ‘truth’? Indeed, does science ever tell the truth? Is there a difference between ‘good science’ and ‘bad science’? In the era of scepticism about experts, how far can and should scientists lay claim to expertise?

James Ladyman will explore and unpack these vital and challenging questions. He will talk about the limits of science, fallibility & reliability, & what happens to long-held ‘facts’ as science moves on. And what about external factors such as who chooses what research is to be undertaken, who funds it, and observer bias? And how do we deal with the challenges of “soft” data in the social sciences? Are these sciences, in any meaningful way, or just value judgements?

James Ladyman is Professor in the Philosophy of Science at Bristol University, with interests in the philosophy of science and philosophy of physics. He has worked on scientific representation, the relationship between the special sciences and physics, as well as the philosophy of information and computation, and the philosophy of mathematics. He also has interests in the impact of science policy, and in understanding the implications of big data technologies for science and society. He has written the influential philosophy book ‘Everything Must Go’.
He studied at the Universities of York, Leeds and Kings College London.

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