Andrew Atkinson: Explaining Religion


Ever wondered how Homo sapiens became religious at all? In the absence of any deity, where, did the species get the idea of a God from? – an idea which has spread so far, and that has occurred throughout the majority of cultures – and why won’t it go away? Dr Andrew Atkinson, the son of an atheistic Professor of Physics, and a Christian Evangelical, provides answers to these questions.
On commencing his Ph.D at the University of Bristol, he arrived with a copy of Dawkins’ ‘The God Delusion’, and to his surprise, quickly learned that ‘religion’ evolved – not that the majority of people are ‘simply’ deluded. Dr Atkinson, will endeavour (in the short space of time allotted to him) to provide an overview of theoretical and scientific approaches that seek to explain religion as a natural phenomenon. He is not unaware of the pernicious effects of religion, and may at times revert to criticism of it – but – his talk will be one that seeks to enlighten any careful listener as to how religion came to be, and why it remains. Whether it remains, is a question he will leave you to consider.
Dr Andrew Atkinson is a Research Fellow at the University of Bristol and focuses his research on the synthesis of the memetic, cognitive, and group-selectionist approaches to religion.
This event will be held on Monday June 6th at the White Bear, 133 St Michaels Hill
Bristol BS2 8BS (show on googlemap)