Past events

Wednesday 12 February: 7:45pm Darwin Day Drinks!
Wednesday 12 February: 6:30pm Darwin Day Lecture, “How is Technology Changing What it Means to be Human?” with Jenny Kleeman
Monday 19 August: 6.30pm Members Social

Monday 1st July 2019: 7.30pm ‘Domestic violence and abuse, human rights and ethical dilemmas’ – with Lesley Welch

Monday 3 June 2019: 7.30pm ‘Reproductive rights and wrongs; the ethical issues considered’  with Dr Jon Ives

Monday 13 May 2019: 6.30pm First Members Social

Monday 29 May 2019: 7.30pm ‘Death Cafe – discuss the reality of death; enjoy feeling more fully alive!’ with Mary Tuatev

Monday 1 April 2018: 7.30pm ‘From Faith to Faithless – one person’s journey away from religion’ with Izzy Posen

Monday 4 March 2019: 7.30pm Having that Difficult Conversation About Humanism….and God (with a believer!) with Paul Baker

Tuesday 12 February 2019: 6.30pm Darwin Day lecture in association with the Bristol Festival of Ideas. How Does DNA Make Us Who We Are? Prof Robert Plomin

Monday 7 January 2019: 7.30pm ‘So, you don’t believe in fate, then?’ Talking to children with Sophie Colligan

Monday 3 December 2018: 7.30pm The meaning of festivals and celebrations with Julian Baggini

Monday 5 November 2018: 7.30pm War, Remembrance and Belief – the Call of Conscience in WW1 with Prof Lois Bibbings

Monday 1 October 2018: 7.30pm Growing Minds – supporting the next generation of humanists, with Teddy Prout.

Monday 3 September 2018: 7.30pm Spirituality… what on earth does it mean?! with Dr Jacquie Watson.

Monday 2 July 2018: 7.30pm. ‘Unbelievers’ and do they matter?

Monday 4 June 2018: 7.30pm. Conversations and discussions about the ideas of Richard Dawkins.

Monday 14 May 2018: 7.30pm. A topical miscellany about humanism

Monday 9 April 2018: 7.30pm. Is Religion Manmade? Daniel Dennett on the evolution of belief.

Monday 5 March 2018: 7.30pm. Assisted Dying, should it be our death and our decision?

Monday 12 February 2018: 7.30pm. Darwin Day lecture in association with the Bristol Festival of Ideas. Adam Rutherford: The Story in our Genes

Monday 8 January 2018: 7.30pm. Do Atheists need Ritual… and what can we learn from religion.

Monday 4 December 2017: 7.30pm. The Pagan Origins of Christmas

Monday 6 November 2017: 7.30pm. The Evolution of Ethics

Monday 2 October 2017: 7.30pm. Humanism UK campaigns update

Monday 4 September 2017: 7.30pm. Bristol Humanists AGM and talk: The Psychology of Scepticism and Belief

Monday 7 August 2017: 7.30pm. Summer Social

Monday 3 July 2017: 7.30pm. Video lecture and discussion No Platforms and Free Speech by Jordan Peterson.

Monday 5 June 2017: 7.30pm. What are missionaries for? The case of Mother Theresa

Thursday 11 May 2017: 7.30pm. Co-hosted with Gloucestershire Humanists. Faith to Faithless.

Monday 8 May 2017: 7.30pm. Co-hosted by Bristol Secular Society. When should military force be used to impose secular democracy?